Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Capri Kay Pacis

She is finally here! :)

Here is her birth story:

On Thursday, November 13th at 6:30 AM we had a scheduled induction. We went to the hospital and got all set up. I was dilated to a 3 when we got there, so they broke my water and started me on pitocin right away. Having them break my water was the weirdest feeling ever. It didn't hurt at all, just super weird. Anyways, we just kind of chilled. Nothing too exciting was going on. My mom came a few hours later and hung out with us. The contractions started to get a little bit stronger, but nothing I couldn't handle, just super uncomfortable. I kept telling the nurses that I did NOT want to miss my opportunity for an epidural. I was allllll about the drugs!! I had the best nurse ever, her name was Kendra, and I freaking LOVED her. A few hours later the contractions were getting closer together, so the nurse suggested I get the epidural because we didn't know how fast things would go from there.... so I got it. I love epidurals! :)
Well, things didn't go fast from there, actually they didn't go anywhere from there... all day long I was still only dilated to a 3. At one point a nurse thought I might have moved up to a 4 or 5.. then the doctor checked and was like, nope still a 3. By this time my nurses changed and we still just relaxed, watched movies, and hung out. My mom and Chris were troopers and definitely kept me entertained. I slept pretty well through the night. I hated being hooked up to the IV's and monitors. I literally couldn't turn or roll over. Then nurses changed shifts again, which luckily my favorite nurse Kendra was on again, so she was my nurse again. By this time it was 24 straight hours in labor. By morning I was dilated to a 4. Some progress but very little. All day Friday I kept spiking fevers. Which is really bad for me and the baby since my water had been broke for so long. I was given antibiotics and they literally cooled down my entire room with fans, and ice packs all over me to reduce the fever. I was just ready to be done by now. I told the nurses that I wanted a C-section to just get her out. But my doctor said that sometimes getting past a 4 takes up to 48 hours, and then hard labor would start. There was no way I could wait that long. I was making progress through, dilation was happening, just really slow. The last time I spiked a fever they noticed the baby's heart rate jumping around too much. The baby was becoming stressed so they had to turn off the pitocin for about two hours. I was finally dilated at an 8! I was so excited that things were finally going. At about 5:45 PM I spiked another fever, and the doctor checked me and even though I was at an 8, the baby still hadn't fully dropped into the birthing canal. He agreed that it was time for a C-Section since the baby and I were clearly under stress. So the nurses started prepping me. Right when I was about to go back, someone came into the hospital and had to have an emergency C-Section, so that pushed mine back 2 hours. It was fine with me though, the end was in sight and I knew I would be meeting our little girl soon.
The surgery team came into our room and gave us all the info about what would be going on. They increased my epidural and wheeled my off to the Operating Room. Chris got to come and get all dressed up in scrubs, then he waited outside the doors until they were done prepping me. As soon as I went into the OR I felt super nauseous. I don't know if it was nerves or excitement, but I threw up. Thank goodness for amazing nurses who took such good care of me. I felt better right away. Once I was prepped and all sheet-ed up, Chris came into the room and sat next to my head. He looked so cute in his little scrubs and booties ;)
It wasn't too much longer and they got her out, she was born at 8:21pm November 14th, 2014. She was in a lot of shock, so they only showed her to me for a second, then off through the window to the NICU she went. I started panicking because she didn't look so good when I saw her, and I didn't hear a cry. The NICU nurses soon told us that she weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. She did cry, but it was just a little squeak. Once everything was delivered, they started stitching me back up, and they took Chris out to go to the NICU to see her. Once he left I started getting really emotional, not being able to really see my baby, and wondering if there was something seriously wrong. It seemed like forever, but finally they were done and able to roll me back to my recovery room. My mom was in there waiting and so was Chris. At this point I was VERY emotional and VERY drugged up. I had a bunch of nurses, my doctor, the baby doctor, all come talk to me. I hardly remember what they even said to me. All I knew was that I had to wait in recovery for 2 or more hours before I would be able to see my girl. I do remember the pediatrician coming and telling me that Capri was in a lot of shock and needed oxygen and that she would be in the NICU for the entire hospital stay, if not longer. I cried so hard when he told me that, I actually think I freaked him out a little bit! haha He told me that he is not concerned and that she will be fine, but this just happens because I was in labor for so long, with my water broken for so long, and she was also 3 weeks early, which he would consider premature (even though OBGYN's say 37 weeks is 'full term'). At about 12:15am I was finally able to go down to the NICU to see her!

This was my first time seeing her! First thing I noticed was how much she looks like her daddy!! <3

That night they had to put her on oxygen and put the tubes down to get air out of her belly. SO SAD!!

We spent the rest of our hospital stay pretty much living in the NICU! She was able to get off the oxygen and tubes by the second day and was just given IV's for fluids and nutrients and also hooked to monitors. 
I was discharged from the hospital on Monday, but they needed to keep her for one more night. She didn't need to be hooked to monitors that night so they put her in a normal hospital room, and I was able to spend the night with her. They called it, 'rooming in' which is basically like Chris and I were her over night guests, so that I didn't get charged an extra night. It was so nice to be able to finally have her with us overnight!! :)

This was her that night, in a room with us, no tubes, no monitors, no IV's! :)

We got to take her home Tuesday morning!! I was so happy to get out of there. I hadn't left the hospital since that last Thursday, so it was a long and emotional 5 days. 

Capri had a little bit of jaundice when we took her home, but it went away a few days later. She is so perfect, I can't even stand it! :)

I am, without a doubt, one of those moms who takes WAY too many pictures of their kids. But I don't even care, just look at her ;)

Here she is now, almost 2 weeks old, our little Capri Kay Pacis. We have always loved the name Capri, so we knew right away that it would be her name. Kay is my mom's, sister's, and grandma's middle name, so we chose that one because I wanted the middle name to be something from our family. 

We are so in love its ridiculous. Who knew our whole entire world could change so quickly. Labor was not the best, but I am just so thankful that she is here now, healthy and perfect. 

I am so thankful for my mom and all she did for us! She stayed for over a week and was so helpful and supportive. We have amazing families and friends and this transition into parenthood would not have been so easy if it wasn't for them. 

Seeing Chris become a dad has been amazing. He is so good with her, and I can just see the love her already has for her. He has done such a good job taking care of both Capri and me throughout this all. I definitely married the most perfect man :) 

We are loving being parents! Capri has been doing awesome and LOVES to snuggle really close. We just love her more than we can put into words :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are having a baby... TOMORROW!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. We are getting induced! Time has gone by so fast and I cannot believe that tomorrow I will be holding our little girl. Hopefully tomorrow... Our induction is bright and early, but I know they can take a long time, so crossing my fingers that we have her on Thursday! :)

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, full term. They have decided it would be best to induce me because this whole last trimester my blood pressure has been spiking randomly, and it is not safe for me or the baby. We are waiting until the day I become full term so that the baby is healthy. When we found out that we were going to be induced this early, we both kind of went into shock. I had a feeling most of this pregnancy that I would go early, but I was thinking like a week or so, not THREE whole weeks. But of course, whatever the Doctor thinks is best for me and the baby, we will do.
So they had been watching my blood pressure for the last several weeks just to make sure it was staying consistent. When it first started to elevate the doctor told me that the only way to make it better is to induce early. That was weeks ago and we didn't even think too much about it. Then last Tuesday I was at work and I started feeling really hot and shaky. I could tell that my heart was racing and then the room kind of started looking dark in some spots. I had them check my vitals at work and they were extremely high. My blood pressure was 168/105 and my pulse was 130. So I called the doctor and they had me come in right away. Chris came and picked me up and in we went. When we got there my blood pressure was a little bit lower, but still really high, 158/98. They hooked me up to a non stress test to monitor the baby and to make sure she was doing fine. She was great, nothing out of the ordinary. After being hooked up to that for 45 mins they checked my blood pressure again, which was lower. Thank goodness. Then the doctor told me that he does not want me going back to work and that as soon as I hit my 37 week mark, he is inducing me. We were just about 36 weeks by this point. Chris was in shock. He was like, okay so we have like 2.5 weeks... the doctor was like no... you have ONE week! haha it took Chris a while to wrap his head around it all. So they sent us home and told me to relax and take it easy. He didn't put me on bed rest because he said sometimes when people just lay there all day their blood pressure can elevate even more. So I was told that I could still go out and do things, then come home and relax afterwards. So that is what I have been doing for the past week. Just kind of hanging out.

The day before this all happened we got maternity pictures done! They turned out so good. My friend Kelsey from work took them, it was so much fun!! Here are a couple of our favorites :)

I still cannot believe that we are going in to have our baby tomorrow! I have a doctors appointment today for them to check me again and to get everything together for me to go in tomorrow. My mom gets in late tonight, and then some more family will be here this weekend!! It is so crazy!

I am pretty sure we are ready though. She has more than enough clothes, blankets, diapers, etc. We got pretty spoiled at both of our baby showers! I am so thankful for our friends and family! They have truly blessed us!! We had my baby shower this past weekend and it was so much fun! One of the best parts was my best friend Ciera flying in from AZ to surprise me for my shower!!
It was so fun having her here and my family!! Here are some more pictures from this weekend! 

Ciera and me, I love her!! Her and Seth are moving here in the spring! I cannot wait :)

Some pictures from my shower! It turned out so good, big thanks to all those who helped plan it! (Steph and Shayla)

So last night we went on our last date night before the baby comes! It was a lot of fun. We just went out to dinner in Idaho Falls and enjoyed some Olive Garden, then we got ice cream with some of our best friends. I cannot believe that we are about to be parents! Chris is going to be such a good dad!

Well, our bags are packed and I am spending the rest of today cleaning my house and making sure everything is ready. I know I will not be able to sleep tonight! I am just so excited to meet her. This is super unreal to me, that I am going to be a mother. Timing has been perfect and we know that the Lord has blessed us so much. AHHHH!!!! I AM HAVING A BABY TOMORROW!!!!!

Well, until next time. I will be sure to post pictures of her sweet face as soon as we can! <3