Friday, September 26, 2014


Time is FLYING!
I cannot believe that I am already 30 weeks pregnant. I am hoping that these last 10 weeks go by even faster.

At my last appointment, 29 weeks, I was measuring FOUR weeks ahead... so at 33 weeks. It is crazy. They said that it doesn't necessarily mean I will have her 4 weeks early, but they are going to do an ultrasound at 36 weeks to see if the baby is really 4 weeks ahead in size, and if so, they may just induce me then. This makes me so nervous! I feel like time is going by so fast, and I am not prepared enough!
Things with Chris and I are going great. He is working and going to school. He loves being the manager at Verizon, it is seriously such a blessing.
We are hopefully moving soon, before the baby is born, into a house! We have been house hunting and found one that I am in LOVE with! We will see in the next few days if we get it.

This summer went by way too fast! We mainly just worked the whole time. I went to Mesa, AZ for two weeks for work. It was fun seeing friends and family. I really miss living there, but wasn't as fun without Chris. I do LOVE the sunshine though!! I also traveled to Logan, UT for a week for work .

We are going to Washington in a little under two weeks! I cannot wait. My sister is throwing a shower for me there, and it will be so fun to see all my friends and family that I haven't soon in such a long time.

How far along: 30 weeks, 1 day
Weight gain: Just about 5 pounds, however it varies. 
Sleep: Awful. I wake up to pee a few times each night, rolling over hurts. 
Best moments this week: Starting a journal for our baby. We just got one and started writing in it everyday. We will probably give it to her once she is grown. 
Miss anything: Sleeping through the night, fitting into my clothes, etc. 
Movement: TONS! She moves all the time. I love it!
Food craving: nothing really. 
Morning sickness: no. I have felt a little sick lately but not like morning sickness. 
Have you started to show yet: oh ya. Nothing fits me. My scrubs used to hide the bump, but now those hardly fit at all. 
Gender: GIRL <3
Labor Signs: Nope, I did have a contraction on Saturday, super weird. 
Belly button in or out: in. 
Wedding ring on or off: on, but my hands are starting to get a little more swollen. 
Happy or moody: Happy to be at the end. Moody because of lack of sleep, and my body aching. 
Looking forward to: My baby showers. My sister is throwing me one in Washington, that we are going up in 2 weeks for. And a few of my girlfriends here are throwing me one in November! Cant wait :)

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