Monday, July 21, 2014

20 Weeks: HALF WAY!!

Well, we are now HALF WAY DONE! 
Oh, and we found out that... WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! <3

Our little girls profile! She is pretty cute huh? :)

PROOF! She's a girl! (Crotch shot)

This is how we announced her. It was fun taking these pictures :)

Time is going so fast and I love it. I think it is because I have been super busy with school and work. 
School is basically done for me now, I just have GRADUATION on Wednesday!! I still cannot believe that I am graduating from College with my bachelors degree! It feels like it's been forever, but these last four years have been so much fun. 
I had a blast getting my Associates at Eastern Arizona College, I had the best friends and funnest roommates. I will always cherish those memories we formed. And the last 2 years here at BYU-I have been fun! It's a whole different experience being married while going to school, and has been so much fun! We have grown so much. 
I hope times keeps going by fast even though I wont be in school. 

These past couple weeks have been great. My sister came down to Utah from Washington. It was SO GOOD being able to see them. Taylor is seriously my BEST FRIEND and I loved spending time with her and baby Avery! My niece is getting so big, and Chris and I are literally IN LOVE with her!
Taylor brought a bunch of clothes that Avery has grown out of. It's so exciting that we are both going to have little girls, my cousin was my best friend growing up and I cannot wait for Avery and our little girl to be besties. 
Here are some pictures of our fun weekend with them:
Just smiling at her auntie Morgan!

Me and Tay. She is seriously my best friend. I cried when they left... like a lot!

 She is so cute, I can't even handle it! 

Day by the pool!

She LOVES Chris <3

  Aunt Lola (3) with her niece, Avery (9weeks)!

 Chris and Gian (Taylor's boyfriend) Spent their entire weekend fishing!

Avery Parker Lawrence. 

Lately we have been just preparing for the baby to come. We picked out a room design that we are going to do with her. Our landlord is actually paying us to paint the nursery for the baby! Which we are so excited about!! We are going to do purple and grey. (Thank you Pinterest)

Here is a little baby up-date:
How far along: 20 weeks, 4 days
Weight gain: At first, I lost about 10 pounds, but now I have gained 2-3 of that back. 
Sleep: No more sleeping on my stomach, but I'm getting used to side sleeping. 
Best moments this week: Seeing Taylor, Gian, and Aves. Also, getting baby clothes!
Miss anything: Laying on my stomach. 
Movement: I am feeling more and more movement and kicking. Mainly after I eat. Also, in church, after singing some hymns the baby went crazy kicking and moving all over the place, I guess I should sing more to my belly!! I mainly only feel the baby kick from inside but the other day I felt her move from the outside, with my hand. I wish Chris was home for that!!
Food craving: Anything cold. Popsicles always hit the spot! 
Morning sickness: None at all!
Have you started to show yet: Yes, wearing normal jeans is too uncomfortable now, so I only wear maternity jeans. My scrubs for work are still covering the bump most of the time, however those are starting to get a little tight! 
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: Nooooo
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding ring on or off: ON
Happy or moody: Happy to know the gender and to plan for the baby, but I also get moody pretty easily. Sorry Chris!! ;)
Looking forward to: Graduating on Wednesday, having my family in town for it, and feeling the baby move more! 

Our 20 week ultrasound was awesome! It is fun seeing her now that she is getting bigger and looking like a person. They said that she is small. Not behind on weeks, just a petite baby. As long as she is healthy I'm okay with her being small. We are having fun picking names and planning for the next couple months. 
So, Chris just got released from the singles ward bishopric. He loved having that calling and really enjoyed serving those students. I am happy to have him back at church with me. It's been nice! :) 

I'm excited for a less crowded Rexburg now that school is out because that means a less busy plasma center... we might get to relax a little at work. 
Our next appointment is August 6th, and I cannot wait to see how our little girl is growing :)