Monday, August 5, 2013

Summma Summa Summer Time! (:

Whoa, It has been FOREVER since I have written a post.
I blame school! Haha anytime I thought about blogging, I would feel guilty for not doing homework. I had a blog for a class project that I had to keep, so that took up ALL of my 'blogging' time. ;)
Anyways, A ton has been going on lately.
Last time I wrote was in March!
Well, since then we have moved AGAIN!
We love where we live now! We are in a condo now, here in Rexburg. It is so much bigger than our last two apartments. We LOVE it!!
Chris was off track from school this last semester, which was nice.. for him. ha
This last semester kicked my butt! Working 40+ hours a week, while taking 14 credits was ridiculous! But I managed to get really good grades, so it all worked out! Now I am off track until January- Thank goodness!
Things with Chris and I are great! He is working two jobs right now... Seriously that man is a workaholic. He loves it though. Work is going great for me right now too.
Oh, so Chris got a new calling at church... He is now a counselor in the bishopric for a YSA ward here in Rexburg! It is so crazy! We were shocked when he got the calling! He just started, but so far so good! :) I feel like we are that old couple in the singles ward... haha. We actually just had some of the students over for Family Night tonight! It was a lot of fun! Definitely brings back memories from when I was in a singles ward in Arizona! :)

Speaking of Arizona... I am planning a trip there for next month! My best friend comes home from his mission, so I am going to visit! I cannot wait!! :) I haven't been back to Arizona since I graduated in May of last year! Way too long!! I miss all my friends and family there!

So in June was our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!! So crazy how fast time has flown by. We had such a fun little anniversary trip. We just went down to Salt Lake City, UT and stayed in a super nice hotel for a few nights. Chris seriously spoiled me! It was so nice to get away and just spend a weekend with the two of us. Our hotel was right outside Temple square, so it was way pretty and there were fun little shops and stuff for us to walk around too. One year went so fast, I cant wait for eternity! ;)

Both of our Mom's have come to visit this last month! It was pretty fun! A little crazy with me still in school, but it was nice to see them! :) I seriously miss family so much...
But, I wont be sad for long! because my family is moving to Utah, THIS week! So crazy! I am pretty excited to have them so close though!

Other than all of this, not much more has been going on lately! We are just happy and having such a fun time together! I love my little family :)

Here are some pictures of what we have been up too :)

 This was my Birthday! :) Once again, my hubby spoiled me!

 Bennett asked to take me out for my birthday so we got snow cones. He wants to marry me ;)
 Happy Birthday to me!! haha 21 wahooo ;)
 Chris had an accident! That resulted in 12 stitches and a night at Urgent Care! OUCH!
 We had such a fun 4th of July! :) 'merica!
Rachel and Jordon came to visit! We miss them so much! Wish I got a picture of all four of us!
They need to hurry and move back! :)
 Some of my friends from work! They have become my best friends! :) Love them!
 He's a hottie! ;) I love my best friend <3
 This is when my mama came to visit! Making dessert with my BFF Vanessa! :)
Meet Shayla, one of my Best Friends here in Rexburg! Seriously love this girl to death!
This is my other Best friend, Vanessa! Her and shay are literally my go-to girls! 
We spend our days snap-chatting like crazy and making the best memories :)

Life is great right now! Chris and I are happy as can be, and enjoying our time together! I am so grateful for our family and friends! I am also thankful for this Gospel! We have been working hard to do the best we can. Chris' new calling makes us want to work even harder! I'm excited for the challenge, and way excited for what's to come for our family!! ;) <3

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