Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family Visit! :)

So, I am really not too good at writing on here!
Anyways, I got to see my family!! It has been like nine months since I saw them, so it was amazing!
They had to go down to Utah for a funeral for my dad's uncle. Then on their way back to Seattle they stopped by Rexburg and stayed with us for a night!
We had so much fun! I love my little siblings! I cannot believe how big they are getting!

My little sisters are obsessed with Christopher! He loves having sister-in-law's! 
He says it makes him want to have a little girl ;)

One thing I love about family is that no matter how long it has been since I've seen them, NOTHING has changed! We are all still goofy together! My mom and I didn't stop laughing together that whole night!

My little brother Dakota is getting so grown up. He is seventeen already, and in a little over a year he can go on a mission. Ah, I still cannot believe it! He is such a stud!! :)

Vanessa and Lola were both fighting over who go to sleep with me! Poor Chris got left out. Haha, We took over a hundred pictures just in the short time they were here!

I think one of the highlights of them visiting was my whole family coming to church with Chris and I. It was fast Sunday, so of course, he bore his testimony. It was amazing! He is such a spiritual example to me, and I am lucky to have him as my dad <3

We just bought tickets to fly home and visit in April! We are so excited! :) It will seriously be such a great break, not having to worry about school or work for a week. 
Right when we get back though, we are moving to a new place, then I will be starting school again. Such a busy crazy time, but we couldn't be happier. 

School is going pretty well for both of us right now. We are happy that this semester is almost over. Even though I will be taking a heavier load next semester, it is nice to get this one out of the way because it was our first semester here at BYU-I, so we now have the hang of how things work around here. 

Anyways, That is pretty much all that is going on with us. I need to be better at writing on here and keeping things updated when they happen. Life is just so dang busy. But that's it for now :)

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