Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life as of lately..

Well, things have been CRAZY! :)
Chris and I have been super busy! But things have been going great.
We are finally in the swing of things. With school and work and what not.
So, a few weekends ago I got to go down to Salt Lake to visit my sister Rachel! :)
She was going through a hard time, so I went down there to help her out and keep her company! :)
We had a lot of fun! It was my first time away from Chris since we have been married! :( haha but it went well. I am super thankful that my work was so understanding about me needing to go down there and gave me the time off!
I miss my family SO much, so it was nice to be able to spend some quality time with my big sister! :)

Another crazy thing that recently happened was Christopher having a Soccer accident! He is on an indoor soccer team, and at one of his games him and another player were fighting for the ball. Needless to say, neither of them won. They both kicked for the ball full speed, and ended up on the ground. Chris could barely walk. The next morning we took him to the doctors, and he ended up spraining the inner tendon in his knee, and both inner and outer tendons in his ankle! Poor kid is in a knee brace, and an ankle brace. And also, on crutches! It is crazy realizing how much someone cannot do without both working legs! I for sure realize now how much Chris does for our family! :) 
He is so cute, even as a gimp ;) haha

We are both really enjoying our classes! We really LOVE being at an LDS college. It really makes such a difference. The spirit is so strong, and makes for an amazing learning environment! 

Anyways, we might be moving again soon. Just to a different apartment here in Rexburg. The management spot we are in at our apartment complex is not really working out, and is not really worth it for what we have had, and make and what not. So we are looking at new places for hopefully April! :) We really want to be back by where we used to be (on Pioneer Rd.). Chris wants a 4plex, or even a townhouse instead of a huge complex building. So we will see :) 

Things are going great, and we are so happy!! :)
We are so excited for April, because we finally get to go home and visit our family :) First time since right after we got married! So crazy. 
Well, That is pretty much what has been going on lately! :) I need to be more interesting when blogging, haha but I am still getting the hang of it ;)