Sunday, January 27, 2013

Healthy Life, Happy Life

So Chris and I were not good at setting new year resolutions. We actually did not even talk about one. Haha we are kind of lame. Anyways, we have been setting little health goals here and there for ourselves. Chris has become OBSESSED with the gym! haha his new favorite line is, "Do I look Bigger?" I just wink and nod. lol
Being newlyweds, I was all about being a good housewife. I would cook and clean everyday. Good healthy meals. That did not last too long. With both of us being so busy with work and school now, our meals are the last thing on my mind. We began to make the bad habit of just grabbing something on the way home from work. I did not really realize how much we would go out to dinner until I started taking a money management class. Our first class project is to write down EVERYTHING that we spend money on. It was really embarrassing. Costa Vida is making the big bucks off us. haha It made me kind of sick to write all our purchases down. So i decided to get all my healthy (pinterest) recipes, and make a menu. I went shopping, and only got healthy stuff! It felt so good! :) Our new goals are to not eat out as much, only on special occasions, and to be healthy, and get fit. With a little help from my gym fanatic husband, and weight watchers, I think we will be able to stick to our goals.
Another reason we want to be healthy is because we have been talking about starting a family. It wont be for another year or so. But we want to have healthy habits before we start to teach our habits to our little ones. Plus, I want to lose weight before having to gain all that baby weight, which will make it easier to lose it after the baby and what not. Yes, I am baby hungry! But when thinking about actually having a child, I know its best for us to wait. I am not ready for the commitment ;) haha  I just need a dress up doll or something.
Anyways, These are our goals, so I thought I would blog about them, to help us stick to them :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Starting to Blog!!

So I have a few friends who have asked why I am not blogging.
So here I go!!
Life has been crazy!
Chris and I have now been married for seven months! Time is seriously flying by.
We are learning from each other every day. Sometimes good, sometime... ehhhh ;)
Well as of lately we are just both working full time and in school full time. It is very time consuming, but we like it. I am studying health science and Chris is studying para-medicine. Chris is working as a sales associate at Men's Warehouse. He LOVES getting dressed up everyday. And he loves his discount..... haha
I am working as a Phlebotomist at the Biomat Plasma Center here. I love my job. We have both been blessed with flexible hours, helping us deal with work and school.
We recently moved into another apartment. We are now assistant managers at an apartment complex here in Rexburg. In July we will be the actual managers. It is a super sweet deal because we get free rent, and we are like a foot away from campus. So convenient. 
Anyways, That's an update on us! :)
-Morgan & Chris Pacis